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Vol 26 No3  27 August 2019

· Research Paper
Keywords :  Coupled fixed point, generalized (ψ, θ, ϕ)-contraction, F-weakly commuting, w-compatibility, integral equation
Author(s) :  Amrish Handa
Keywords :  Game theory, North Korean nuclear crisis, Nash equilibrium, Dynamic system of strategic games, Game-maker games
Author(s) :  Madjid Eshaghi ,  Nader Asghari
Keywords :  higher-order Stieltjes derivatives, second-order differential equations, two-point boundary conditions
Author(s) :  Young Jin Kim
Keywords :  Extremal problem, chemical tree, ‎zagreb index, ‎hyper-zagreb index, ‎graph operation
Author(s) :  Ali Ghalavand,  Ali Reza Ashrafi,  Reza Sharafdini,  Ottorino Ori
Keywords :  Arithmetic mean, Chaotically geometric mean, Operator inequality, Convex functions, Geometric mean inequality
Author(s) :  Silvestru Sever Dragomir
Keywords :  ‎Insertion, ‎Strong binary relation, ‎Baire-.5 function, ‎Lower cut set, ‎Kernel of sets
Author(s) :  Majid Mirmiran,  Binesh Naderi
Keywords :  Hilbert function, star configuration, generic Hilbert function, weak Lefschetz property, strong Lefschetz property
Author(s) :  YONG-SU SHIN